Air Horn Rocker 127H Kit Bocina de Ten



Designed for anyone that loves to lay on their horn for an outrageous amount of time.



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Disponible, Ubicación: Caracas, a todo el país.


$560,00 por KIT

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Designed for anyone that loves to lay on their horn for an outrageous amount of time, the Conductor’s Special 540 gives you all the air you would ever need to blast your train horns and has one of the fastest recharge rates out of any of our kits. Want to have the ability to blast your train horn for 10-12 straight? This is the kit for you!

Of course, no one wants to blast a wimpy horn for that long. Our Shocker XL Horns that the kit is centered around brings you the full power and tone of an actual locomotive all while requiring less air than the authentic train horns. Constructed from an ultra-durable fiberglass-reinforced ABS composite with stainless-steel diaphragms and backed by a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects, the Conductor’s Special 540 gives you some of the loudest, reliable and easiest to install train horns you can buy.

Backing these beastly horns is our HornAir 540 Onboard Air system. Our 8-port black 5-gallon tank gives you enough air to honk for as well as onboard air in case of emergencies, such as tire inflation. Our Conductor’s Special 540 features one of Viair’s fastest compressors, the 400C. Ensuring you always have air when you need it, the Conductor’s Special 540 can recharge all 5 gallons in as little as a minute and a half!


  • Extremely Durable & Loud!
  • Industrial Grade Stainless Steel Diaphragms
  • Extra Large Five Gallon Air Tank
  • Heavy Duty 400C Air Compressor
  • All-inclusive Train Air Horn Solution!
  • All Standard Mounting Hardware
  • Max Honk Time: 10 to 14 Seconds
  • Can be heard from almost 4 Miles away!

  • Horn: HornBlasters Shocker 4 Train Horn Kit
  • Part Number: HK-S4-540
  • Horn: Shocker 4 Train Horn Kit
  • Material: High-Impact ABS
  • Horn Measurements   
  • № 1 19.50″ (495.30 mm)№ 2 16.25″ (412.75 mm)
    № 3 14.75″ (374.65 mm)№ 4 12.75″ (323.85 mm)
  • Flare: 5″ (127 mm)
  • Weight: 4.5 lb (2.04 Kg)
  • Fitting Size: ⅛″ M NPT
  • Tank: HornAir 5 Gallon Tank
  • Tank Length: 20.5″ (520.7 mm)
  • Tank Diameter: 9.5″ (241.3 mm)
  • Tank Height: 11.5″ (292.1 mm) (With Legs)
  • Tank Weight: 20 lb (9.07 Kg)
  • Compressor: Viair 400C Air Compressor
  • Average Fill Time: 1 Min 30 Sec
  • Voltage: 12 volts DC
  • Air Flow: 2.54 CFM at Free Flow
  • Max Amperage: 26 amps
  • Maximum Duty Cycle: 33% @ 100 PSI
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 150 PSI
  • Compressor Length: 9.0″ (228.6 mm)
  • Compressor Width: 4.0″ (101.6 mm)
  • Compressor Height: 7.05″ (179.07 mm)
  • Compressor Weight: 8.00 lb (3.63 Kg)


  • Shocker S4 Train Horns
  • 1/2 in NPT Electric Solenoid Valve
  •  5 Gallon Air Tank
  • Viair 400C Compressor
  • Viair 110/150 PSI Pressure Switch
  • Remote Mountable Intake Filter
  • Air Filter Cartridges
  • 10 ft of 5/16 in D.O.T. Approved Airline
  • 17 ft of 1/2 in D.O.T. Approved Airline
  • 6 ft of 3/8" Airline (For Intake)
  • HornBlasters 200 PSI Air Gauge
  • 18 ft of 10 Gauge Power Wire
  • 18 ft of 18 Gauge Power Wire
  • Wiring Kit w/ Fuse Holder
  • Brass NPT Fittings Kit Including Safety Valve and Blowoff
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Earplugs


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Air Horn Rocker 127H Kit Bocina de Ten

Air Horn Rocker 127H Kit Bocina de Ten

Designed for anyone that loves to lay on their horn for an outrageous amount of time.


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