BOSS Reproductor Multimedia BVCP9675A 2DIN



Doble DIN, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, reproductor multimedia MECH-LESS (sin CD / DVD) 6.75 "Bluetooth con pantalla táctil

BOSS Audio System

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Disponible, Desde depósitos de Carabobo, a todo el país.


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Doble DIN, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, reproductor multimedia MECH-LESS (sin CD / DVD) 6.75 "Bluetooth con pantalla táctil

  • Potencia máxima de 80 vatios x 4, Sintonizador RBDS, Balance / Fader / Graves / Agudos y Preset integrado en el ecualizador
  • No hay reproductor de CD o DVD, reproduce Bluetooth / USB, MP3, WMA, FM / AM, medios digitales desde teléfonos inteligentes
  • Compatible con salida de audio de teléfonos inteligentes y reproductores de MP3
  • USB, Aux., Cámara trasera, Control de entrada del volante
  • Salidas delanteras, traseras y subamplificadoras
  • Carga USB, opciones de iluminación multicolor
  • Manos Libres Bluetooth, Realiza y recibe llamadas, Bluetooth Audio Streaming. Reproduce y controla música y aplicaciones como Spotify / Pandora de forma inalámbrica

Audio Streaming

Audio streaming [A2DP] is an audio protocol of Bluetooth technology. This profile allows for audio to be streamed wirelessly from your compatible device, such as a Smartphone, to the source unit so you can enjoy your favorite music or streaming music service such as Pandora or Spotify, wirelessly.

Aux Input

The Aux Input allows you to connect to the audio output of an external device such as an MP3 Player or Smartphone so you can enjoy your music through your system.


Allows our Bluetooth equipped source units to make wireless hands-free calls when paired with a Bluetooth equipped Smartphone. Communicate via the built in microphone on most of our units [or external microphone if provided] and listen thru your car’s speakers.

Built-in Preset EQ

The built-in, Preset EQ allows you to chose from preset EQ curves for a variety of music styles such as Rock or POP.


ID3 Tag allows the audio file to store and display additional data such as title, artist, album, track number and more.

Multi-Color Illunimation Option

This unit allows you to choose from multi-color illumination options for backlighting the unit.

No CD Mechanism

Our units without a CD mechanism are ideal for people that take their music with them digitally. These units can play digital media files directly from SD Cards, USB Flash drives, and connect with external devices such as your Smartphone thru the Aux input or via Audio Streaming [on units with Audio Streaming built-in].

Pre-Amp Output

This units Pre-Amp outputs let you expand your system by adding up to 3 amps and/or signal processors for your Front, rear and subwoofer channels.

RBDS Tuner

The Radio Broadcast Data System (RBDS) is the American equivalent of the Radio Data System (RDS) protocol, provides information on the radio display such as the Call Name of the station, Programing format and allows a broadcaster to send up to a 64-character message that could scroll things like sports scores, song titles, artist or album names, traffic and news across your radio’s display.

Rear Camera Input

The Rear Camera Input is a safety and convenience feature. When you shift your vehicle into reverse, the unit automatically powers on a rear view camera [sold separately] and switches the display to show what the camera sees.

Steering Wheel Controls (SWC)

Our Steering Wheel Control-compatible units allow you to control the functions of the radio from the buttons on your steering wheel (if equipped). This provides convenience and safety by allowing you to keep your hands on the wheel. An additional interface is required and sold separately. We recommend the Metra ASWC.

Switchable Tuner

The selectable tuner function allows you to adjust this radio’s tuner to receive radio broadcasts in either the US or Europe.

Touchscreen Control

Our touchscreen panels give you access to the unit’s control functions by simply touching the function you want to use.

True Double Din

Easier installation and better fit in standard double-din openings. Install Kit, wire harness and other aftermarket install accessories may be required depending on the vehicle.

USB Charging

Built-in 1A charger allows you to charge your USB connected device thru this units USB port.

USB Playback

The USB port will support a USB flash drive up to 32 GB and can be used for music playback as well as photo and video viewing (on source units equipped with a monitor). Some units have a mini USB input but come with the adapter to convert to be able to play full size USB drives.


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    BOSS Reproductor Multimedia BVCP9675A 2DIN

    BOSS Reproductor Multimedia BVCP9675A 2DIN

    Doble DIN, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, reproductor multimedia MECH-LESS (sin CD / DVD) 6.75 "Bluetooth con pantalla táctil

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